Important Activities for Children at Nursery

As an adult, you are probably aware that some of your current circumstances are a product of the kind of life your parents or caretakers gave you when you were a child. Early childhood plays a vital role in determining the type of man or woman that your child will grow up to become in the future.

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is well-nurtured from the word go. One way you can achieve this goal is by ensuring that your child partakes in meaningful and productive nursery activities.

At Minnie and Mamma Day Nursery, we have several years of experience delivering preschool services to children. Our expertise and knowledge in this regard have taught us that the kind of preschool activities that your child is exposed to will determine their future creativity, emotional response, socialization, and language skills.

Most of the preschool activities offered at Minnie and Mamma Day Nursery are centred on the learners’ spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development. We can guarantee you with absolute certainty that such a well-rounded early childhood development is impossible to achieve in institutions that lack the level of quality offered.


Why does your Child Need Carefully Planned Preschool Activities?

The goal of early childhood development programs is to ensure that your child grows into a well-rounded adult who can compete favourably in the modern world.

Preschool activities are a great way to start because they assist your child in developing their social, physical, and motor skills. By interacting with others, the child will be able to build a sense of self-confidence and responsibility.

Minnie and Mamma Day Nursery, Your Ideal Preschool Partner!

Our approach in delivering preschool services to the local community is embedded within three fundamental principles—respect, educate, and listen. We capitalize on these principles to develop and apply the values that your child needs to grow into a respectable and responsible adult.

Our purpose is to establish an environment where your child will feel as if they are at home. Safety, respect, and care are our driving forces.

Our Services

Learning and playing play a critical role in determining the personal growth of your child. At Minnie and Mamma, we ensure that your child has direct access to some of the most productive preschool activities that anyone can think of.

The most notable ones are our sunshine room and rainbow room services.

Sunshine Room

Our sunshine room is a one-stop facility containing all the resources that your child needs for effective learning. Our focus is mainly on participation, conflict resolution, playing, listening, and speaking. We also have resources that your child will need to develop other critical areas, such as establishing positive relationships and learning how to embrace self-esteem, resilience, and confidence.

Rainbow Room

The emotional wellbeing and development of your child are one of our key interests. That is why we boast a well-equipped rainbow room. This room is a welcoming and calm space where your child will feel relaxed looking at the colourful objects, listening to classical music, and even spending quality time in a tent.

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If you are looking for a preschool where your child will obtain a highly personalized level of care deeply engrained within the principles of respect, listen, and education, Minnie and Mamma is the place to be. Contact us today at 0208 679 3816 and let us take care of your child’s nursery school needs.

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