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Our objective is to

care, nurture, include, listen, educate and respect

In the provision of our services to the local community, our objective, working as a team, is to care, nurture, include, listen, educate and respect.  These principles are foundation stones of our values, which contribute towards each child’s journey in fulfilling their potential.  Our aim is to create an atmosphere where the children feel as though they are at home; in a welcoming, safe and congenial environment where they can learn and enjoy their experiences.

Minnie and Mamma Day Nursery has adopted a rigorous recruitment process in order to support children to attain regulated pre-school levels. The staff are friendly, professional, motivated and driven by pride and care for the children stepping on to the pathway of opportunity.

The family collaboration is supported by the manager, deputy manager and nursery assistants.  We are committed to being an exemplar of quality care and stimulating learning, in partnership with parents and carers.  We encourage comments and suggestions to ensure that the children enjoy meaningful experiences and achieve positive outcomes.

  • Fully registered service regulated by Ofsted
  • Full-time care between the hours of 8.00am – 6.30pm
  • Registered, qualified and friendly staff
  • Early Years learning and education programme teaching
  • Outings and large play areas for enjoyment
  • Freshly cooked meals
  • Physical education programme
  • Extra curricular activities – language skills and music
  • Free car parking
  • Exclusive use of the library each Wednesday

Rated 'good' by ofsted

Children are safe, and they flourish in the care of the motivated staff team. Babies and young children settle well, forming secure attachments with their key person. Staff are attentive and sensitive to children’s individual needs. Babies and young children venture off to explore with interest, knowing that staff are nearby for reassurance, if needed. Older children show high levels of confidence as they negotiate the play experiences on offer. Staff offer children continuous praise and encouragement. This helps children to develop resilience and positive self-esteem

Minnie and Mamma Day Nursery understands that the development of staff is crucial.  This is the cornerstone from which to impart the knowledge and skills that we aspire to.  In order to achieve these goals, staff are provided with continuous supervision and training corresponding with regulated courses.

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