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opening times

Opening hours

The nursery is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday throughout the year. We are closed 5 working days and public holidays between Christmas and the new year

We also offer half sessions from 8am- 1pm or 1pm- 6pm. The minimum requirement is 2 sessions.


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Arrival, departure and late collection

It is essential that parents/carers always notify a member of staff of their arrival. We must be informed of alternative arrangements if anyone other than the parent/carer or the persons mentioned, as authorised, to collect your child changes. In these circumstances you will be required to provide a password and also provide this information to the person collecting the child. We would also request that you provide the person’s name, physical description and any other information that would help to identify the person.

It is our legal responsibility for two members of staff to remain until the last child is collected.  The nursery is only insured until 6.30pm and in the event of late collection a charge of £5 

for the first five minutes, with an additional £5 for every five minutes thereafter is payable. This additional charge helps to pay for staff who remain with the child.

If you have not contacted the nursery within 30 minutes (7.00pm) after closing time, the manager or a senior member of staff will contact Merton Social Services and apply the procedure for uncollected children under the Safeguarding Policy.

To make the day meaningful for the child and to avoid disruption to the routine e.g. lunch time and sleep/rest times, parents are requested to ensure that their child is present by 11.30am, if possible.