In the provision of our services to the local community, our objective, working as a team, is to care, nurture, include, listen, educate and respect. These principles are foundation stones of our values, which contribute towards each child’s journey in fulfilling their potential.  Our aim is to create an atmosphere where the children feel as though they are at home; in a welcoming, safe and congenial environment where they can learn and enjoy their experiences.



We aim to guide, nurture and educate each and every child in a safe and stimulating environment in order for them to succeed in life.

  • Quality Early Years education
  • Individualised learning for your child
  • Safe, stimulating and enjoyable learning
  • An inspiring Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum
  • Qualified, approachable and friendly staff
  • A variety of daily, freshly cooked and nutritious meals and snacks

Minnie and Mamma Day Nursery has adopted a rigorous recruitment process in order to support your children to attain regulated pre-school levels. The staff are friendly, professional, motivated and driven by pride and care for the children stepping on to the pathway from opportunity to achievement.

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